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Thank you for taking a moment to suggest a direct to consumer brand for our directory!

Here’s what happens after you suggest a brand to us:

  • Our editorial staff spends hours researching and evaluating each direct to consumer brand.
  • For brands that make the cut, we’ll include them in our searchable directory for free. So they should be pretty happy with you, if they make it! (And if you work there, this would be a great time to ask for a raise.)
  • You’re a hero to shoppers around the world. If the brand makes it into our directory, it’s because they’re delivering products with very low prices, very high quality, or an exceptional customer experience. Those are the three main things we look for, along with a business model that cuts out the middlemen.

On that note: if the brand has a regular practice of wholesaling (they give a discount to retail buyers), they unfortunately won’t make our cut. Wholesaling is the most common eliminator of brands that would otherwise make the directory. Here’s the full brand selection criteria we use, if you’d like to see exactly what we’re looking for, and why!

If the brand you’d like to suggest seems like a great fit for our directory, then we’d love to know about them! You can fill out the info below or send a quick email to:


Thanks again! You rock.

Optional, but we'd love to say thanks if the brand is approved and added!
Optional, but we'd love to say thanks if the brand is approved and added!

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