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How We Help Direct to Consumer Brands

We serve DTC brands and industry leaders in three ways:

  • We connect your brand directly with consumers (for free, in our searchable directory!)
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Our Mission and Business Model

About Us – Why it’s our goal to connect consumers directly with authentic direct to consumer brands, and eliminate the costly middlemen who drive up prices and steal value.

Our Mission, Selection Process, and Business Model – How we choose brands to feature in our directory, and how we earn revenue through category sponsorships

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That’s right—a featured listing on NoMiddleman.com is free for brands who meet our definition of direct to consumer and clearly deliver value to consumers. Here’s where you can Suggest Your Brand (or anyone’s brand, actually) for us to evaluate and potentially add to our ever-growing directory of the world’s best DTC brands.

How to Connect With Consumers and Support Our Project

How (and Why) to Sponsor a Product Category – Brand features on our site are free and editorially-based, but if you’re an approved brand and choose to sponsor your category, you’ll get a huge benefit: you’ll be the only brand in your category with product photos and links prominently displayed for the consumers searching your category.

Free Industry News and Resources

We find and evaluate brands every day for our directory, so we’re fully in the loop on DTC news and strategic insights—from keeping an eye on Amazon’s newest private labels, to being in the loop on new strategies and newly-launched DTC brands, you can be in the know (for free!) by joining our DTC Insiders email list.

Here’s one of our direct to consumer news posts, if you want an example of what types of news and insights we gather.

Lastly: We’re Here For You

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