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Bike Helmets & Protective Gear Direct to Consumer

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What are the best bike helmets & protective gear?

Here’s your answer below! The top bike helmets & protective gear sold direct to consumer:

How do we choose the best bike helmets & protective gear?

We find and research the best bike helmets & protective gear from brands that deliver exceptional value by selling their products direct to consumer.

First, we determine the bike helmets & protective gear brands that meet our definition of direct to consumer.

Next, we choose the best bike helmets & protective gear brands who deliver the most value by delivering (1) the lowest prices to consumers, or (2) premium benefits for standard prices, or (3) both. It’s rare to find bike helmets & protective gear products that deliver both the lowest prices and the most benefits, but we do occasionally find them!

If you know of any outstanding bike helmets & protective gear brands with products that are sold directly to consumers and delivering low prices, premium benefits, or both, please tell us about them! You can use our Suggest a Brand form here or drop us a quick email at yourfriends@nomiddleman.com.

What are the best types of bike helmets & protective gear?

Here’s the quick answer, below! These types of bike helmets & protective gear are sold by direct to consumer brands featured on our site:

(Note: if no types of bike helmets & protective gear are shown above, and you think it would be helpful if we had some, please email us your product suggestions: yourfriends@nomiddleman.com. We appreciate all suggestions!)

What’s the catch? Do these brands pay to be listed here?

There’s no catch! And there’s no charge to the brands that qualify for our directory of the world’s best direct to consumer products and brands.

The No Middleman Project exists because we want to eliminate the unnecessary middleman, not add another one. That’s why we don’t sell products on our site, and we don’t take any commission or cut of product sales.

Instead, we focus on serving as an information source for consumers: we find the best direct to consumer bike helmets & protective gear and connect you directly with the brand(s). Then we get out of the way!

Our mission and business model are the opposite of today’s dominant online and offline retailers, and the dominant search engines and ad networks who are now positioned as powerful middlemen, taking a cut from product sales (directly or indirectly).

NoMiddleman’s entire purpose is to connect you with the best bike helmets & protective gear brands and not impact the cost of the transaction in any significant way. We want to help brands keep their costs low, so they can continue to pass value through to you, in the form of lower prices or higher quality!

What are the best deals on bike helmets & protective gear products?

We offer two great ways to find the best deals and discounts on bike helmets & protective gear!

  1. Search our directory and visit the brands directly to see if they have any promotions or sales on their bike helmets & protective gear.
  2. Sign up for the No Middleman Direct Deals newsletter, for deals and giveaways from the world’s best direct to consumer brands. You’ll be able to discover great brands and amazing deals on several types of products, which could include deals on bike helmets & protective gear products.

Not seeing the products or brands you’re looking for?

Don’t give up! There’s a chance it’s in our directory by a different name or search term.

Here’s what to try next:

Shorten your search. In the fewest words possible, name the bike helmets & protective gear product or service you’re looking for. Examples: mattresses, wine delivery, men’s socks, women’s belts, paddle boards, electric cars.

Browse by directory. Our directory of subcategories is below, and you can explore by clicking the names of the categories.

Still no luck? Let us know if there’s a brand (or product type) that you’d like to see in our directory! We’re always looking for the best direct to consumer brands and products, so we greatly appreciate your help in finding them! Please use this bike helmets & protective gear brand suggestion form.

*Pricing may vary?
The direct to consumer and comparable regular retail pricing listed for each item was our editorial team's estimate at the point in time this product image was uploaded. The intent here is to give you a historic price example and an estimate of the savings off a comparable product bought at retail. Of course, brands change prices periodically, so the price could be higher or lower than this historical price estimate. Check the brand's website for current pricing.

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