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About Us

The No Middleman Project finds, evaluates, and supports the world’s best direct to consumer products and brands.

After hundreds of hours researching and evaluating brands, we’ve built a searchable directory of products and brands that are truly direct to consumer. We want to connect you directly with the absolute best brands—brands with less middlemen who deliver substantially more value for consumers, through lower prices, higher product quality, or outstanding customer service.

Our database now has hundreds of direct to consumer brands in thousands of product categories, with more being added every day!

How To Use This Site

Step 1: Use the search bar above to search products and brands. You can search by product type (like “beach cruisers“) or brand name (like “Burrow”). You can also browse the direct to consumer (DTC) brand directory at the bottom of each page.

Step 2: Learn more about your favorite brands. On each brand page, you’ll find the results of our research into each brand: social links, brand videos, Instagram photos, and extended brand reviews explaining how the brand delivers extra value to consumers.

Step 3: Buy direct. The best part of all: we don’t take any type of product fee or affiliate commission that would drive up the cost of the products you want to purchase. We simply connect you directly with the best products and brands in the world, and it’s free of charge for both consumers and brands.

About The No Middleman Project

Before the internet, nearly every product was more expensive. It simply wasn’t possible to buy directly from most companies. Most products were purchased through several middlemen who each took their cut, resulting in higher prices and less value for consumers.

Then came the internet, and with it, the possibility of a world with no middleman. And many middlemen did indeed go out of business. As a consumer, it’s easy to believe that all of the middlemen are now gone, because the new online prices are normally lower than retail prices.

But today’s businesses know better. The middleman is still there. Still wedged in the middle, driving up costs for businesses and prices for customers.

And even worse, today’s middlemen are much stronger. Instead of thousands of offline middlemen competing for their cut of the pie, a small number of middlemen have gradually taken a nearly-monopolistic control of the entire pie.

Until now.

The direct to consumer revolution is here.

The great brands of the future are beginning to realize they can sidestep the middleman and sell their products directly to their consumers. The direct to consumer movement is taking over the retail world, saving billions of dollars for savvy consumers and the businesses that sell directly to them.

The idea is simple: eliminate third-party retailers, wholesalers, resellers, and all the middlemen who do little more than eat margins while clueless store clerks deliver a terrible experience to customers. Instead, consumers can now connect directly with brands and go straight to the source, where they can enjoy a better experience, higher-quality products, and much lower prices.

That’s what The No Middleman Project is about. We heavily research the world’s leading direct to consumer brands, evaluate each of them, and maintain an up-to-date directory of recommended brands in every major category.

We provide consumers with time-saving, trustworthy information, and then we get out of the way. Consumers get introduced directly to amazing brands, and it’s free for both consumers and brands. With no middleman involved, costs can be cut for sellers and buyers (up to 50% or more!), and more value can be passed through in the form of higher product quality, better customer service, or both.

Why are we doing this?

We believe business has the power and responsibility to be a force for good.

We believe it’s time for consumers to start enjoying the benefits of globalization, instead of those benefits being enjoyed only by calculating middleman and corporations in the form of dramatically increased profits.

If consumers and businesses are connected directly, consumers’ buying power has the potential to be much more powerful—giving them the ability to work less, or spend their hard-earned money in a way that significantly increases their quality of life.

Our mission is to facilitate the original promise of the internet and to eliminate unnecessary middlemen in everything.

Retail sales worldwide totaled $23 trillion in 2017, with e-commerce representing roughly $2 trillion of that. Unnecessary middlemen take a huge chunk of that $23 trillion. Eliminating these middlemen would potentially save consumers trillions of dollars every year, or enable businesses to add trillions of dollars of value for the same price.

Who is behind The No Middleman Project?

The No Middleman Project is designed to be a collective effort supported by direct to consumer brands. Working together, we are stronger, and can collectively help eachother reduce the costs of middlemen and their markups. Ultimately, we can create more value for consumers, by creating better products for the same price or less.

Every sponsor and supporter of The No Middleman Project is directly helping consumers and the direct to consumer movement as a whole. We’ve built our organization to support these brands and connect them with consumers who are excited to find them.

To learn more about our principals and leadership team, click on any of the photos below!


NoMiddleman CEO Stephan AarstolNoMiddleman Investor Mark Cuban

More About Us

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Reach out to us at: yourfriends@nomiddleman.com

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