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For press inquiries please contact: Stephan Aarstol at (858) 522-0291 or yourfriends@nomiddleman.com

Direct to consumer brands are the future of retail.

Our purpose is to facilitate the coming revolution by enabling direct to consumer brands to band together for collective strength, and connect directly with consumers.

NoMiddleman.com is an “everything showroom” of handpicked products from the world’s best direct to consumer brands in thousands of product categories. On our site, consumers can search and discover curated selections in each product category, then click through and buy directly from the brand.

We take no cut of transactions. Consumers find best-in-class products from amazing brands, all while saving up to 50% (or more) compared to the cost of traditional products with expensive middlemen.

For more about us, see our About Us page or Our Mission, Selection Criteria, and Business Model.

Historical Press Timeline

Internet Retailer Profiles The No Middleman Project
November 29, 2018 – Internet Retailer
No Middleman offers shoppers a place to find hundreds of direct-to-consumer brands in one spot

INC Magazine Coverage of The No Middleman Project
November 2, 2018 – INC Magazine
This ‘Shark Tank’ Winner Wants to Keep Amazon From Taking a Bite Out of Other Businesses’ Profits

Business Insider Coverage of The No Middleman Project Launch
October 29, 2018 – Business Insider
The No Middleman Project Launches Innovative “Everything Showroom” for Direct to Consumer Products

July 19, 2018 – SD Voyager
Article discusses Mark Cuban green-lighting The No Middleman Project



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