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Here’s What Happens Next

  • Qualification as NoMiddleman Brand. We’ll take a look at your brand and make sure you’re already in our directory, or qualified to be added to it. Here are more details on our Selection Criteria page.
  • Payment. If you’re a qualified No Middleman brand, we’ll send you an invoice for the amount of your bid.
  • If Product Category is Not Sponsored: Great! When your payment is received, you’re good to go, and we’ll move to Onboarding.
  • If Product Category is Sponsored: When your payment is received, we’ll notify the current category sponsor and give them a chance to match your offer. They have exactly one month to do this.
    • If they don’t match your offer, congratulations! The category sponsorship is yours, and we’ll move to Onboarding.
    • If they do match your offer, no worries — your bid is immediately refunded and you can bid again, giving you a new chance to win the sponsorship if your bid is not matched within the next 30 days.
  • Onboarding. Once your category is secured and your invoice is paid, we’ll send you an email and begin onboarding your brand and products to NoMiddleman.com.


Please email us at yourfriends@nomiddleman.com, and we’ll get right back with you!

Thanks again for supporting The No Middleman Project.

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