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Direct to Consumer Business Invoicing and Payments FAQ

Thank you for supporting The No Middleman Project and sponsoring your product category!

For category sponsorships, we accept payments via ACH transfer or mailed check.

Here are common questions regarding payments and invoicing:

Why only ACH payments, and not credit card payments?

If we were selling widgets for $1000 or less, the 3-4% transaction fees charged by credit card companies wouldn’t cost much or impact our pricing. But on a $10,000 product, there’s little reason to give the credit card companies $300-$400 for doing very little here. We like to eliminate unnecessary middlemen, after all!

Therefore we only accept ACH payments or mailed checks, so we don’t have to pass that $300-$400 cost onto you, our valued partner and sponsor.

Most of today’s online banking websites or mobile banking apps make it possible to initiate an ACH payment with only a few clicks and pieces of info needed for payment.

What info do I need to make an ACH payment?

On the invoice you receive from The No Middleman Project, you’ll have all the information you need to make a payment through your bank:

  1. Our business name and address
  2. A unique routing and account number that you send payment to, using your own online banking account.

The unique routing and account number is a masked number generated by Stripe (the industry leader in payment handling, with millions of users). This allows Stripe to securely process the transaction without anyone’s bank account information being exposed.

You simply login through your secure online banking portal, send payment to this unique routing & account number, and Stripe does the rest. It’s secure and easy!

We’ve done this with the highest level of security in mind, and the payment is always initiated by you, not us. It’s not recurring or automated. If you wish to renew next year, you’ll simply log in to your online bank and initiate that payment again.

Is there any other way to pay?

If your institution doesn’t offer a way to make an ACH payment:

  • We can accept a mailed check. Here’s the mailing address:

    No Middleman Project
    1253 Garnet Avenue
    San Diego, CA 92109
  • We can collect your actual bank account and routing numbers via phone, and then verify in 2-3 days (through verifying two small deposits made to your account). We can then initiate the one-time transfer of funds from your bank to ours, and this entire process is also handled by Stripe’s industry-leading processing and security.

We hope this is helpful, and please don’t hesitate to call the number on your invoice or email us anytime with any questions!

Thanks again for supporting The No Middleman Project. 

Your Friends at No Middleman