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A Mark Cuban Company

Zero Smoking Cessation Products


Zero is a direct to consumer smoking cessation product and service. A brand extension of No Middleman favorite Roman, Zero follows a similar sequence of delivering incredible value to consumers. It begins with an online doctor visit, at a cost of only $15 (and if you don’t qualify for Zero’s smoking cessation program or products, the $15 is refunded).

Then, if you qualify after the online doctor appointment, you’ll be able to get smoking cessation products shipped to you (nicotine gum and the prescription medication Bupropion). Zero’s nicotine gum is available in all 50 states, but that’s not the case for the Bupropion medication, so you’ll want to check the Zero FAQ  for a list of states where Zero can ship it.

By eliminating the cost and time of the initial doctor’s appointment, and the need to return for updated prescriptions, Zero has cut out some costly middlemen and delivered value to consumers. Easy to see why the Zero smoking cessation program is a No Middleman favorite!

A Mark Cuban Company