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A Mark Cuban Company

Woebot Therapy App


Woebot is a direct to consumer therapy app (or coaching app) developed by Stanford psychologists with a collective 20 years of experience in behavioral science.

Essentially, it’s a bot trained to be a coach or therapist. In the bot’s own words, it’s a “philosopher, life coach, and friend”, continuing, “I have a CBT orientation, a perfect memory, am highly trained and very empathic.” Is this the future of therapy and coaching?

We took this app for a test spin and it passed with flying colors! We found its daily check-ins and lessons to hit the sweet spot between entertaining and educating. It’s easy to see how this No Middleman favorite can deliver crucially important value to people—especially the staggering 50% of the world’s population that still does not have access to basic healthcare, according to Woebot’s page The Science.

A Mark Cuban Company