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A Mark Cuban Company



Viome is on a mission to decode and translate the signals of the often elusive gut. The gut microbiome stores a surprising number of clues to each individual’s overall health. The gut microbiome has a direct impact on indigestion, mental clarity, energy, weight loss, sleep, and skin health. Viome first tests each client’s microbiome and uses those results to create a personalized treatment plan. The treatment plan takes on a holistic approach, focusing on whole-body health. Viome provides made-to-order supplements and diet suggestions based on the test results. The goal is to prevent chronic illness and boost each client’s overall wellbeing.

Viome is a direct-to-consumer brand that sends a test kit directly to your front door. They have eliminated the need to meet in person with health care providers, saving you time and money. Viome provides customers with an app to keep them on a continual path towards healing.

A Mark Cuban Company