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A Mark Cuban Company


Vice Golf Balls

Vice Golf is a direct to consumer golf ball brand with premium golf balls at value pricing. They’re headquartered in Germany, but have a global presence and ship internationally in 3-8 business days.

Vice Golf also sells golf accessories like bags, umbrellas, tees, and more. This direct to consumer leader has a great explanation of how they bypass middlemen to deliver more value:

A typical premium brand golf ball will, on average, go through three middlemen and usually receives a four- to five-time markup before it lands in your hands. We bypass traditional distribution channels and select the fastest possible way between ball production and your hands. We don’t pay high rental costs for expensive stores. Instead, we sell our products at the best price exclusively on www.vicegolf.com.

The Vice Golf website offers a tool to help you determine the best golf ball for you, based on a series of questions. You can also customize your golf balls with your name, logo, or tagline.

A Mark Cuban Company