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Vero Linens Direct to Consumer Bedding

Vero Linens

Vero Linens is a direct to consumer Italian linens brand. In addition to linens, Vero also sells pillows, down comforters, duvet covers, blankets, mattress pads, towels, robes, and more.

They began in the B2B space, selling luxury sheets directly to upscale hotels. During the recession, the brand shifted to selling directly to consumers, and continued their focus on delivering premium Italian-made sheets at value pricing (60% less than traditional luxury sheet brands, according to the company).

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About Vero Linens

Vero Linens is a direct to consumer Italian linens and bedding brand that produces high-quality Italian sheets for 60% less than traditional middleman brands, according to their owner. “We manufacture some of the finest luxury Italian linens, however, we do not sell them to retailers,” they write on their website. “Therefore, there is no retail markup, unlike other luxury linen brands. As a result, the typical 250% to 300% isn’t in our price structure.”

Premium Quality at Affordable Prices

Balancing price with quality, Vero Linens is neither the lowest or highest priced of the No Middleman bedding favorites–their sheets are more expensive than Brooklinen’s, and less than Boll & Branch. On the day of our review, pricing was $125 – $168 for their three primary Italian flat sheet sets, and $205 – $270 for their two luxury sheet lines.

The direct to consumer linens and bedding brand also sells pillows, down comforters, duvet covers, blankets, mattress pads, towels, and robes. Customers can use the promo code “bedding tips” at checkout to receive a 5% discount, and the brand offers free shipping for orders over $100 (most orders on this website would meet that threshold).

Vero Linens has operations in Michigan and Florida, and sells exclusively online, with no owned or rented retail presence. Opportunities to engage with the brand consist of their website, phone, and email. The return policy gives consumers only 10 days to return products, but given that you should know the product quality immediately, we don’t feel this would present any significant problems for typical consumers.

Extra Value for Consumers: Founder’s Insights

In a video on their YouTube channel, founder Steve Coval explains the difference between Vero Linens and their competition: Italy. All of their linens are produced in Italy, not because it’s a lower cost, but instead a higher quality.

The brand’s Youtube channel is particularly informative for consumers, with the founder discussing other topics that affect the pricing of direct to consumer sheets (cotton grades, threadcount, style of weaving, thread diameters, and more). With over 25 years of industry experience, many consumers may find his insights helpful in understanding exactly what should and should not drive higher prices in premium bedding products.

Final Thoughts

We’re optimistic of this brand’s future, in terms of remaining direct to consumer by No Middleman standards. Vero Linens began as a supplier of luxury sheets to boutique hotels, so they had a history of being the middleman (more than using them). During the recession, when travel slowed down and hotel budgets dried up, Vero Linens moved into direct to consumer sheets and bedding. They didn’t go through the traditional retail supply chain, and it seems unlikely for Vero Linens to go into middlemen-heavy channels in the future.

The company does have a presence on Amazon, but a quick price check of two items showed identical pricing, and the products don’t appear to be warehoused at Amazon (i.e. no Prime 2-day shipping), so it’s likely this is only a move to gain greater brand awareness in exchange for lower profits.

Overall, Vero Linen is a No Middleman favorite in direct to consumer sheets and bedding and we feel they deliver premium sheets at value pricing.

A Mark Cuban Company