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TREW Gear - Direct to Consumer


TREW is a direct to consumer outdoor apparel (outerwear) brand headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

TREW gear is advanced technical wear that merges technology with style. This forward-thinking brand specializes in direct to consumer ski apparel, snowboard apparel, hiking apparel, and several other recreational accessories.

The flagship TREW gear retail store was launched in February 2017. The brand’s invitation to visit is a great example of the superior customer experience that’s possible when successful direct to consumer brands like TREW extend into their own retail locations:

The new storefront is connected to the HQ where you’ll be able to connect with us first-hand and learn more about the brand and products. Swing on by, crack open a beer or cold brew and learn more about my we keep it thumbs up! We look forward to seeing you.

A Mark Cuban Company