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A Mark Cuban Company

Direct to Consumer Paddle Board by Tower

Tower Paddle Boards

Tower is a direct to consumer paddle board and beach lifestyle brand based in Southern California. They eat, drink, and sleep the beach lifestyle and have a vision for the future of beach lifestyle products.

Tower focuses on the beach lifestyle niche and champion work/life balance with the 5-hour workday that they invented. They were funded by billionaire Mark Cuban on ABC’s Shark Tank, and today they remain one of the most successful investments in the history of the show.

brand story

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Stephan Aarstol

Founder & CEO

Being a direct to consumer brand allows us the freedom to do two things very well. First, we can afford to produce a superior product and sell it at nearly half the cost. Second, if you have a question, you talk directly to us. The people behind the brand, who designed the product, who do the product testing, who know almost everything there is to know about the product. Combined, that makes us hard to beat.

About The Brand

Tower Paddle Boards makes living the beach lifestyle more accessible. The Tower brand is well known within the US, and at an exponentially growing pace worldwide, as a direct to consumer paddle board brand that empowers people to live better by producing great paddle boards and accessories, and then selling them direct to consumers at about half the price of traditional retailers.

Founded in 2010 and funded by billionaire Mark Cuban, Tower Paddle Boards is one of the biggest success stories in the history of ABC’s Shark Tank. In 2014 with a staff of just 5 people and revenues of $5M, Tower was named the #1 fastest growing private company in San Diego by the San Diego Business Journal.

A year later Tower was ranked #239 on the INC 500 list of America’s fastest growing companies. In 2016 Tower was named to Internet Retailer’s 2016 “Hot 100” list of the world’s most innovative e-retailers.

How Tower Delivers Value

They leverage their search-optimized eCommerce properties, their growing Tower Life Magazine audience, and their San Diego based brand experience store, to continually minimize their customer acquisition costs so they can deliver paddle boards and accessories to consumers at lower and lower prices.

Today Tower has extended their direct to consumer beach lifestyle product line to include products like surfboards, skateboards, wood sunglasses, and bikes.

More About Tower

They promote the beach lifestyle with their Tower Life magazine and social media, and the symbol of their tribe is the iconic lifeguard tower.

Tower inspires people to work less and enjoy their lives more by championing their “Five Hour Workday” mentality—the staff works a five-hour workday during the four-month summer season, and Aarstol even authored a book about it called “The Five Hour Workday.” The bestselling book would go to influence tens of millions of people worldwide.