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A Mark Cuban Company

Splash Wines Wine

Splash Wines

Splash Wines is a direct to consumer wine membership that allows you access to the highest-quality wines from around the world. Their memberships come in different levels with each one providing unique benefits.

Splash Wines has a passion for bringing together wine lovers of the world, and doing it at a great price.  They sell their wine in bulk orders of 15 bottles, in order to give all members free shipping and great pricing.

They charge a maximum retail cost of 15% above their cost, and maintain a low-price guarantee to their members. This transparently-priced business is one of the best values in their industry!

A family business with an extensive background in the wine industry, Splash Wines is able to curate several types of wines from across the world, from the most well-known to the most obscure. Their membership puts you in control, so you can browse and choose wines at your own convenience and whenever you want!


A Mark Cuban Company