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A Mark Cuban Company

Power Practical

Power Practical

Power Practical builds “light, power, and fire gadgets that make life more practical,” as described by the brand’s About page. Their products deliver the impressive combination of value we love most: extremely useful, high quality design, and rock-bottom pricing.

Power Practical sells electric lighters, flashlights, led lights and rope lighting, battery packs, and more. They began in 2012 with the Power Pot, which converts fire energy into USB power (seriously!). Power Practical’s popular Luminoodle is another great example of their creativity: the USB-powered, waterproof, flexible LED light strip doubles as a lantern when it’s carried inside its translucent bag.

This No Middleman favorite is a Shark Tank alumnus, landing an investment from Mark Cuban. That’s no surprise to us, given their amazing product designs and functionality… and we can’t wait to see what they build next!