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A Mark Cuban Company



Peloton is a direct to consumer brand that has injected new life into the experience of cycling for exercise. In addition to their immensely popular Peloton exercise bikes, the brand also offers a treadmill and a digital studio with over ten thousand boutique fitness classes available.

Peloton is as much a media company as it is an exercise equipment company, and they’re delivering incredible value across the board! The value of Peloton exercise bikes are immediately understandable to when you ride the bike: the online instruction is professional, motivating, and matched to your preferences and skill level.

This No Middleman favorite has eliminated the need to travel to a gym for a great cycling (spinning) class, or even a running club. At $2,000+ for their bikes and an ongoing $39/month payment, it’s on the high end of pricing in their category, but we believe the benefits of this product greatly exceed their cost. And we’re not alone in our opinion: just ask Peloton’s one million customers, and counting! You can find Peloton exercise bikes and Peloton treadmills in hotels, or one of their showrooms, in a company-owned retail store.