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Paypal Bill Pay


PayPal is the original direct-to-consumer disrupter in the financial industry, creating an easy-to-use online payment system for what’s projected to become a user base of 300 million users this year.

PayPal has several great products for sending online payments for free, or with extremely minimal fees. Beyond the ability to use PayPal to send payments via text or email, their popular Venmo smartphone app now has 40 million users—who sent $21 billion of peer-to-peer payments the first 3 months of 2019 alone!

This DTC innovator is a hit with businesses as well, with 19  million stores accepting PayPal. It’s no surprise, given Paypal’s super-simple online shopping cart integration, low-cost point-of-sale devices to accept payments anywhere, and low credit card processing fees.

PayPal is well-positioned to continue their industry dominance: they’ll be processing all transactions from Instagram’s new in-app checkout feature, which will undoubtably be billions of dollars.

A Mark Cuban Company