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A Mark Cuban Company

Outer Furniture


Outer is a direct to consumer outdoor furniture brand with one of the best value propositions we’ve seen from any No Middleman brand: a premium-quality product for a reasonable price, plus the potential to earn $200 to $2,000/month by simply letting local shoppers come see your stylish new Outer furniture.

Outer’s debut product is their outdoor sofa, and its quality and functionality make it an instant eye-opener: their proprietary OuterShell™ covers roll out and cover the cushions when you’re not using them (no more damp/dewey/hot cushions!), and the great-looking interchangeable pieces of the sofa make it easy to arrange into the function you need for the moment—even splitting it up into 2-5 individual seats, if you wish!

When you combine the quality and functionality of Outer furniture with the Airbnb-like ability to be paid to show your stylish outdoor furniture to neighborhood shoppers—a flat payment with no pressure to sell—it’s easy to see why Outer is a No Middleman favorite. We’ll be writing much more about this amazing direct to consumer brand!

A Mark Cuban Company