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Noémie Jewelry

Noémie is a direct to consumer fine jewelry brand offering rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Their transparent pricing model shows their steep savings from appraised retail values, and their focus is providing premium jewelry at lowered price points.

This No Middleman favorite has a simple-but-insightful explanation of how they eliminate the middleman and deliver value (hint: think vertical!). Here’s a link to their page, where they answer the question in full: Why is Noémie jewelry so much less than jewelry in retail stores?

Noémie offers diamonds that are ethically sourced (according to United Nations standards), and they also offer beautiful lab-grown diamonds in some of their jewelry. This popular brand has expanded into an offline presence, where shoppers can see their jewelry in person. Currently, those locations are Los Angeles, New York, and Aspen.

A Mark Cuban Company