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Need Essentials

NeedEssentials is a direct to consumer brand offering low profile, high-quality wetsuits, clothing, and activewear for surfers and outdoorsman alike. Their simple, clean aesthetic means they focus more on the quality of materials used in their products rather than trying to sell flashy lesser quality items.

NeedEssentials uses little to no branded content or advertising spend to reach their audience and pass these savings onto their customers.


brand story

The whole idea behind needessentials came from not wanting to over consume.  It’s about not wasting resources on what is not important. It’s about trying to make the best premium products for surfers, more accessible. The concept is to have less, to have only what is well made, what is premium, what is timeless, what is useful rather than useless. What surfers can save by only buying what is needed in a product they can spend on what is important in their own lives.  Its about having less stuff and more freedom.

How Direct To Consumer Are They?

Only available online on their website.

needessentials is not a brand, its a supply network. Expensive marketing campaigns, excessive branding, swing tags and packaging only add to the price of a product and serve no function at all.  By eliminating this wasted expense, we can invest more into premium materials and workmanship to ensure you have the best possible product for the best price.

A Mark Cuban Company