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Mott and Bow

Headquartered in New York City, Mott & Bow is a purely online direct to consumer jeans brand that has also expanded into shirts and jackets.

Their brand promise is to deliver “premium jeans at a fair price,” offering high-quality, hand-worked denim jeans for men and women at price points starting under $100. Founder Alejandro Chahin has been in the denim industry since his childhood, as part of his family’s business in the Honduras, which gives the brand exceptional focus and competence in quality workmanship and styling.

brand story

How Mott & Bow Delivers Value

Mott & Bow founder Alejandro Chahin grew up within his family’s denim manufacturing business in the Honduras, and upon moving to New York City, felt there was an opportunity to deliver premium jeans at a fair price.

Through its direct to consumer business model and total vertical integration, Mott & Bow has absolutely met that opportunity. The Mott & Bow Denim Science page shows the incredible value delivered in the creation of their jeans, from the unique coloring to the hand-scraped finish and drying process.

Products and Sizes

Currently, this direct to consumer jeans maker offers four styles for women (mid-rise skinny, high-rise skinny, slim boyfriend, and the mom jean), along with three styles for men (skinny, slim, and straight). On the day of our most recent review, women’s jeans were offered in sizes from 24 to 32 inches on the waist, and 28 to 32 inches long. The size ranges on men’s jeans spanned from 28 to 42 inches on the waist, and 29 to 34 inches on the length.

The ability to quickly choose your size is a big advantage over the traditional retail nightmare that occurs on the jeans rack, where sizes are haphazardly mixed, and the most common sizes are often missing or sold out.

Shopping Experience

When it comes to the digital shopping experience, Mott & Bow has nailed it. The site is fast and easy to navigate, and offers all the information you’d want, without overloading you with excessive product descriptions. Photography on the site is solid, with a zoom feature and multiple angles, and the height of the pictured model listed for scale/reference.

Even more impressive is their display of customer ratings, which has the typical 0-5 stars, but also three measures that you don’t see everywhere: quality, size, and comfort. This is a nice touch, and it’s definitely relevant when shopping for clothes like these, where fit and comfort are important.

Customer Service and Return Policy

Mott & Bow’s customer service looks solid. There’s no online chat, but call support hours are posted as 9am-6pm EST, Monday through Friday, and they have a dedicated help@mottandbow.com email address.

Their return policy is reasonable, at 30 days from ordering, and shipping is free for orders of $150 or more. Our test of shipping a shirt to the midwestern US was $7, for 3-7 business days.

Final Thoughts on Mott & Bow

Overall, this direct to consumer jeans brand is a No Middleman favorite, with their purely DTC business model and high-quality, vertically-owned manufacturing process. Mott & Bow delivers value to consumers in the way of high quality at a reasonable cost, and we expect them to continue to cut out the middleman and keep the value in the hands (and on the legs) of consumers!

A Mark Cuban Company