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A Mark Cuban Company

Moment Lenses - Direct to Consumer
  • Last Updated October 16, 2018


Moment is a leading brand in direct to consumer smartphone camera lenses, photography gear, and video gear.

Based in Seattle, this No Middleman favorite delivers value in multiple ways: incredible innovation, low pricing, and a wealth of inspiring and instructional content on photography and videography. Without a doubt, Moment has earned its popularity on YouTube (over 150,000 subscribers!) and Instagram (256,000 followers).

In addition to their game-changing smartphone camera lenses (which mount directly on your phone), the brand has expanded into a wide offering of video and photography accessories like smartphone cases, bags, counterweights, backpacks, and more.

Check out their Brand Video below to see their award-winning smartphone camera lens in action! Also worth a look: their mobile app, their photography trips, and their unbelievably good YouTube channel.