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Laird Standup - Direct to Consumer
  • Last Updated October 11, 2018

Laird StandUp

Laird is a direct to consumer premium standup paddle board brand based in San Diego. The brand is the namesake of legendary surfer and industry visionary Laird Hamilton, who is largely credited as inventing (or at least heavily influencing) the rise of standup paddle boarding, as well as tow-in surfing.

Laird offers paddle boards in a wide range of sizes, from the 8’6″ padded-top ST Cruiser to the 14-foot-long LXT touring board. The site features some of the best graphic illustrations we’ve seen, showing the varying layers of fiberglass and foam in each board’s construction. In addition to their stylish paddle boards, they also sell premium carbon and fiberglass paddles, as well as board bags.