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A Mark Cuban Company

Killer Concepts Phone Stands

Killer Concepts

Killer Concepts is a direct to consumer brand with phone accessories and other innovative products. This Southern California company has a goal to make any idea a reality!

Their $1.99 Piggy phone stand was a popular debut product for the brand. The Piggy is a durable stand for your phone that makes it easier to watch shows, make video calls, or take the perfect selfies. The Piggy is now joined by a crew of friends (turtles, dolphins and more), as well as the stylish Piggy Pro, a flip-stand with a built in compact mirror and magnetic attachment capabilities (think car mount!).

Killer Concepts’ other products include plug-in USB night lights (very cool idea!), mosquito repellent bracelets, amplified speakers for your phone, magnetic mounts for your cars and a cellphone fan. We can’t wait to see what innovative products come next from this No Middleman favorite!

A Mark Cuban Company