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Hyphen Mattresses Direct to Consumer


Hyphen is a new direct to consumer boxed mattress brand owned by a seasoned mattress brand: Diamond Mattress. With complete vertical integration–Hyphen and Diamond own their factory–this direct to consumer mattress maker is able to offer low pricing for quality mattresses.

Hyphen currently has one type of mattress that is 10 inches thick and offers three layers of memory foam support. They’ve developed a proprietary type of foam that utilizes copper to carry away body heat, resulting in a mattress that is 25 times cooler than typical memory foam, according to the company.

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About Hyphen

Hyphen is one of the most intriguing direct to consumer mattress brands, because it’s a new brand that spawns from a very old one: Diamond Mattress, which is a family-owned, fourth-generation mattress company in greater Los Angeles. As a result of Diamond’s decades of experience and business profits, Hyphen actually owns its manufacturing facility, which could result in big advantages in the short- and mid-term, because most of the leading direct to consumer mattress brands are relatively new and less vertically integrated.

Products and Pricing

With their own factory, it’s no surprise that Hyphen’s pricing is very competitive. On the day of our review, the Hyphen mattress costs $575 – $1,095 on their website. Their pricing isn’t the lowest or the highest of the No Middleman direct to consumer mattress brand favorites, but their Amazon pricing can fluctuate even lower, putting Hyphen on the “low cost” side of the pricing spectrum in the mattress category.

Bringing a friend to the mattress-buying party would give you an additional reduction in the cost of the mattress: Hyphen’s “Refer a Friend” program pays $50 to you and any mattress-buyer you refer.

As for the mattress itself, Hyphen’s mattress has 3 layers of memory foam and is 10″ thick. This direct to consumer brand’s primary innovation is in the cooling elements of their mattress: the usage of copper to draw excess heat away from the body, with the company claiming copper to be 20,000 times more conductive than polyurethane foam.

On their mattress page, Hyphen says that their proprietary Hyphen Foam has 25 times greater airflow than traditional memory foam. Each mattress has an antimicrobial outer fabric, to reduce the spread of bacterial or viral elements. Lastly, all mattresses ship for free and are made in the USA, according to the company.

Similar to other mattress companies, Hyphen has extended their product line into sleep-related products like pillows, mattress protectors, and mattress bases (with and without storage capabilities).

How Hyphen Delivers Value to Consumers

When it comes to their overall methods of delivering value to consumers, it’s hard to tell whether Hyphen wants to be a low cost leader or a premium benefit provider, but it’s possible they could achieve both. Since Hyphen owns their own factory and focus on only one type of mattress, they’d seem to have the ability to keep costs low, but their website pricing seems to indicate that’s the company may be headed toward premium pricing.

Their excellent customer reviews would certainly justify the quality positioning—the brand held a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, with over 10,000 five-star reviews there.

Shipping and Service

Hyphen offers the longest warranty of any direct to consumer mattress company we’ve seen—20 years—as well as the industry-standard 100-night trial program. Their customer support options are solid, with telephone support 7 days a week, online chat on their website, and email support as well.

Final Thoughts on Hyphen

Overall, Hyphen is a No Middleman favorite and definitely a direct to consumer mattress brand to watch. They could easily use their complete vertical integration and 70+ years of experience to deliver a mattress that is the low cost leader, or a mattress with premium features. Given their aggressive discounting on Amazon, we’d expect Hyphen to take the low cost leader path, assuming Hyphen works together with its parent company Diamond, which offers a large array of premium mattresses.

Only time will tell, and we’ll check back regularly—but in the meantime, their positive reviews, solid customer service, and decades of experience makes Hyphen a quality choice in direct to consumer mattresses.

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