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Goby Toothbrushes Direct to Consumer

Goby Toothbrushes

Goby is a direct to consumer electric toothbrush brand with an oscillating (circular) cleaning motion, which is reported to be supreme in removing stains like coffee and wine, as well as plaque. This No Middleman favorite comes in some very cool designs and has a handy 2-minute timer feature. As of the day of our review, it’s the only true direct to consumer electric brush (not found in big box stores).

Goby toothbrushes are rechargeable (not battery-powered, like other brands) and replacement heads can be purchased in a flexible subscription service every 1-3 months. The charging features are particularly impressive: the battery only needs charged 1-2 times/month, and the charger has a USB connection (easier for travel; you can use your phone charger).

A Mark Cuban Company