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A Mark Cuban Company

Fuego Box Hot Sauce Box

Fuego Box

The Fuego Box hot sauce subscription is a popular and fun favorite in the direct to consumer hot sauce category!

After evaluating hundreds of hot sauces to find the best of the best, Fuego Box presents it’s whimsically-titled options for your monthly subscription: the Dip Your Toe In ($13/box, one mild-to-hot sauce), the Sauce Lover ($30/box, 3 mild-to-hot sauces), or the Pain Seeker ($25/box, 2 extra hot sauces).

The fun-loving brand also puts some effort into impact with their Choco Challenge, which is on course to raise $100,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Remember the Ice Bucket challenge? It’s like that—but with spicy chocolate, and infused with black reaper pepper.


A Mark Cuban Company