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Flamingo Razors


Flamingo razors and women’s shaving products have skyrocketed in popularity. This newly-launched direct to consumer brand is the brainchild of men’s shaving brand Harry’s. Like Harry’s, Flamingo is currently in a strategic partnership with Target, which will fuel their exposure and growth in the short term.

Flamingo razors are only $1.88 each in their 16-pack refill. The shaver with ergonomic handle is only $9, and their kits are very affordable: $10 for a face wax kit or body wax kit, or $16 for a shave set (gel, lotion, razor), as of the day of our review.

According to a 2019 Bloomberg article, Flamingo’s “wax strips, Flamingo’s pastel-hued razors and its shave gel products will get 4 feet of custom shelving at 1,800 locations, uniting women’s hair removal needs all in one place, rather than having them scattered throughout the store.”

We’re excited to see what the future holds for this instant all-star in the direct to consumer women’s shaving category!

A Mark Cuban Company