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Fezzari Direct to Consumer Bikes

Fezzari Bikes

Fezzari Bicycles is a direct to consumer bike manufacturer who offers a wide selection of premium road bikes and mountain bikes. Each bike is custom built for each rider through their 23-Point Custom Setup.

Fezzari ships their bikes directly to consumers, and they also offer a “No Risk Just Ride Guarantee” that includes a lifetime warranty and a 30 day return period (with return shipping paid by Fezzari!).

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About Fezzari

Based in Lindon, Utah, Fezzari Bicycles is a direct to consumer bike manufacturer offering 16 models of mountain bikes and 19 models of road bikes. Fezzari heavily emphasives the value of their “No Risk Just Ride Guarantee”: a lifetime warranty on their bike frames, a 30-day “Love It or Return It” Policy, and a 23-Point Custom Setup. Each Fezzari bike is custom-fitted based on a 23-point custom setup, and the brand gives simple instructions on their website to help consumers measure themselves as needed for the customization of their bike before it ships.

Products and Pricing

Fezzari’s mountain bike 16 models of mountain bikes having prices ranging from $549 to $5,899. These premium direct to consumer mountain bikes definitely skew toward the higher end of that pricing spectrum. On the day of our review, only 3 of those 16 mountain bikes were priced under $1,000, and most of their bikes cost $2,000 or more, making this a premium-priced brand.

Bike types are further segmented by their function, like Fat Tire, Cross-Country Race, Plus Tire, All-Mountain, and more. The filtering of bikes on their product page is smooth and fast, with handy filters for suspension (versus none, or hardtail), wheel size (27″ – 29″), frame material (carbon or alloy), and pricing.

Fezzari offers 19 models in the road bike category, ranging in cost from $349 to $5,399. Similar to the pricing tiers in their mountain bike category, the direct to consumer road bikes are priced toward the higher end of that range, with 2 bikes at $349, 2 bikes at under $1,000, and most of the remaining bikes in the $2,000 – $4,000 range. Comparing these bikes is made easier by filters for shifters (electronic or mechanical), frames (carbon or alloy), and pricing.

For price-sensitive consumers who don’t mind having a used or closed-out bike, Fezzari offers Demo Bikes and Outlet Bikes. Demo bikes offer a substaintial discount ($300 on the Fore C2 and $500 on the Fore C3, the day we checked). It’s worth noting that Fezzari has created another brand, Simbi, to offer a more casual road bikes at a much lower price point. On the day of our review, the Simbi brand was offering 4 models at $399 each, which have a cruiser-type look and feel to them.

Extra Value: Shopping Experience, Payment Plan

Fezzari’s public showroom offers an advantage for consumers who are in the Utah area (or plan to be). Otherwise, interaction with the bikes is done on the website, where excellent photography and videos help to show both the detailed parts and overall function of the bikes.

Fezzari’s payment terms are also innovative, compared to other brands we’ve seen in the category. As of the date of our review, Ferrazi was offering 3 months “same as cash” (3 payments at 0% APR), and 12-24 months of at “compettive interest rates” through a partnering financial institution.

Customer Service and Return Policy

When it comes to delivering value in the form of customer service, this direct to consumer bicycle brand’s customer service appears to be very responsive, particularly on Facebook, where Fezzari gets the rare status of “typically replies within minutes” from the social networking powerhouse. Their other service options cover the full gamut: online chat, phone support, email, and a public showroom in Utah.

Their return policy is exceptional and reflects their status as a premium brand–the direct to consumer bike maker offers a 30 day return policy and even pays the return shipping costs! The bike must be returned in “fully functioning condition (for example, no tacoed wheels or broken parts),” and the offer is only available for bikes over $750 in the United States.

Final Thoughts on Fezzari

At No Middleman, we feel this brand delivers value with its direct to consumer bikes through product customization and quality, as well as customer service and its lifetime warranty. The brand is a “Full-Spectrum Value” leader, in our opinion, for delivering a high quality product and experience at a reasonable price. “Gram for gram and dollar for dollar, the finest bikes on the road,” Fezzari writes on their road bikes page.

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