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A Mark Cuban Company

Drizly Direct to Consumer Alcohol


Drizly is a direct to consumer alcoholic beverage delivery service and marketplace. Using Drizly’s website or free mobile apps, you can have beer, wine, and spirits delivered locally within 60 minutes!

This innovative brand is delivering extra value to consumers in multiple ways: convenience (delivery to your home, a party, your hotel room, or anywhere else you are), time savings (no driving or searching retail shelves), and the ability to see and compare your local beverage options in a way that’s never been possible—until now!

Shopping Drizly’s massive selection allows you to transparently choose a local store based on what’s important to you (like price, delivery time, store rating). For these reasons and more, Drizly earns its place as a No Middleman favorite in beer delivery, wine delivery, and alcohol delivery overall!

Here’s a link to their free mobile app at Apple and Google, and their website is linked below. Cheers!

A Mark Cuban Company