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A Mark Cuban Company

Datebox Date Night Ideas


Happily is a direct to consumer date night box with one of the most interesting products of all No Middleman favorites! Starting at $8/month, consumers can personalize their monthly date box, by personality or location (plans in the local city when possible, or games at home).

“Kiss your boring dates goodbye,” the brand writes on their home page. “We create unique, exciting dates you can’t get anywhere else. We even include a custom playlist & conversation starters for your date.”

Is this the future of dating, for new and old couples alike? We can’t answer that one, but we know this: Happily Co is eliminating a timely “middleman” of time, by coming up with fun ideas that lead to fun experiences. For that alone, Happily earns its stature as a NoMiddleman favorite, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

A Mark Cuban Company