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A Mark Cuban Company

Cut Golf Balls Direct to Consumer
  • Last Updated October 17, 2018

Cut Golf

Cut Golf sells direct to consumer discount golf balls, and was named a silver award winner by Golf Digest in 2018 for their low-priced, premium-quality golf balls.

This No Middleman favorite is the absolute leader when it comes to low prices, but they certainly don’t skimp on quality either. On Cut Golf’s About Us page, they call themselves “a group of guys who believe that high quality golf balls don’t need to be expensive.”

In addition to their already low pricing, Cut Golf offers bulk ordering for additional discounts, making the price less than $1 per ball! How are they able to do it? Their website explanation cuts to the truth:

We are here to prove that you can pay less for quality golf balls. We cut the costs and pass those savings directly to you, no gimmicks or volume requirements. What we advertise is what you pay. It’s time to cut through the crap of expensive golf balls and marketing tactics.

We’ll soon be adding an extended Brand Story about this impressive direct to consumer golf ball leader!