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A Mark Cuban Company


Candid Aligners

Candid aligners are a new entrant in the direct to consumer teeth aligners space. Their tagline says it all: “A great smile is worth a fortune. It shouldn’t have to cost one.”

The brand says their teeth aligners are 65% less than traditional aligners. Candid aligners start with an introductory $95 in-home test kit to see if you’re a good candidate. Candid also has Studio locations in several cities, which saves you the $95 with a free scan.

If you qualify, you’ll get a 3D preview of how Candid aligners will change your smile for the better, then can continue with the program for $1,900 (or financed for $80/month (pending qualification through Affirm). Candid also works with dental insurance, if you have an orthodontic benefit.

A Mark Cuban Company