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A Mark Cuban Company


Backdrop Paint

Backdrop paint is a direct to consumer product making a splash in the paint industry! If you’re planning to paint your walls, this innovator has eliminated multiple middlemen and created an experience that saves you time and money at three separate stages: getting samples, getting paint, and getting painting supplies.

Samples are only $2 each and shipped to you for free, and come in huge 12″ x 12″ squares that you can put on your wall and get a better idea of how it’ll look. Backdrop’s high-quality paints start at $45/gallon and the product pages are amazing, showing total coverage (i.e. 400 square feet) and other relevant info about the paints. Instead of choosing from thousands of colors, Backdrop paint selections are reduced to their favorite 50 colors, which helps in simplifying your decision!

Shipping is free for orders over $50, which is likely, since you’ll almost certainly want one of their painting supplies kits (rollers, trays, and a brush, conveniently sent to you for a low cost.)

A Mark Cuban Company