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A Mark Cuban Company

Aurate New York Fine Jewelry Direct to Consumer
  • Last Updated October 10, 2018

AUrate New York

AUrate is a direct to consumer jewelry brand focused on high-quality, handmade jewelry at an affordable price. This No Middleman favorite has a generous return period (30 days) as well as the convenience of their “Curate Box,” a try-before-you-buy service where they’ll send you 5 products to try, and you simply mail back the ones you don’t want—with all shipping costs covered by AUrate.

All jewelry is handmade in New York City, where the brand is headquartered and has their flagship retail store. AUrate was founded in 2015, and their About page shows their growing retail locations—four, as of the day of our review—along with a detailed explanation of their focus on “durable materials, transparent pricing, sustainable production, and tangible giving.”