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Angel Shave Club

Angel Shave Club

Angel Shave Club is a direct to consumer subscription shaving club for women. Their mission is to “provide a luxurious shaving experience for women everywhere, at delightfully low prices” according to their 2016 press release announcing their launch on Indiegogo, where many great DTC brands get their start.

The Angel Shave Club subscription options are simple but customizable. You’re able to choose the number of five-blade razors you want (either six or eight razors) and how often (every 2 months or 4 months). You can also choose the color of the blade handle if you want!

As with our favorite subscription services, there’s no commitment here—the timing and quantity of razor delivery can be adjusted or cancelled at any time. You can also start off with a trial pack of razors for only the cost of shipping, which is a great way to guarantee you’ll like what you get!