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Airborne Bikes

Airborne Bicycles is a direct to consumer bicycle brand selling nine different models of low-cost and value-priced mountain bikes. 

In existence since 1997, the brand is centrally-based in Springboro, Ohio, where they deliver significant value to consumers in the form of low pricing and premium quality.

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About Airborne Bicycles

Airborne Bicycles is a direct to consumer mountain bike brand with nine different models of low-cost and value-priced bikes. In existence since 1997 and formerly part of the larger Huffy brand, Airborne became independently owned in 2016/2017 and is delivering significant value to consumers in the form of low pricing and premium quality mountain bikes.

Airborne’s history is partially explained on their website:

“Airborne Bicycles first took flight in 1997 as a pioneer in the direct-to-consumer bike market. In the time since, we’ve traveled the trails in search of the perfect formula for our bikes, our message, and the clearest paths to connect Airborne to riders, like you, in the real world. The small crew of industry veterans behind the Airborne brand are all riders, bred from the dirt of BMX, expanding our interests to bicycles of all kinds along the way.”

How They Deliver Value

Low cost leadership is the chosen path of this direct to consumer bicycle brand, and they are the No Middleman favorite in the mountain bike category for delivering value in the form of low pricing. On their About page on Facebook, the brand writes, “Airborne’s mission is to build bikes that are easy to afford without sacrificing quality.”

About Their Bikes

This direct to consumer bike brand offers 9 different models of mountain bikes, ranging in price from $500 – $2,400. Four of the nine models are under $1,000, and Airborne also has a “factory outlet” page with bikes that are used, discontinued, or returned.

Airborne’s bikes are 85% assembled upon arrival, and their website promises you’ll be able to fully assemble the bike in 45 minutes or less, using what they call “simple tools” (which might not be simple to all consumers—see their updated list of tools needed. Consumers have 30 days to send the bike back for a full refund, assuming the bike is in “like new” condition. The cost of return shipping is at the customers’ expense (and the bikes ship to Springboro, Ohio).

The features of each of their nine bike models are wide-ranging and too much to list here, but the brand has clearly taken incredible attention to detail with each component of each bike. At the bottom of every bike’s product page, the website graphically shows and explains the different components of the bike (i.e. the frame, shocks, hubs, shifters, tires, chain, speeds, and more). Most of the bikes are offered in different sizes (like small, medium, and/or large), and a few are offered in different colors.

Shopping, Service, and Warranties

The website and shopping experience are clean and simple, and the customer reviews for their bikes are very positive.

In addition to a 2-year limited warranty on the bike frame, one very cool feature offered to consumers is the “crash replacement” policy detailed on the brand’s warranty details page. Airborne says it “will offer the original owner (with purchase receipt) the opportunity to replace the frame at a highly reduced cost. This offer is valid for three (3) years from the original date of purchase. You’ll receive the same frame or a newer version from our current model (frame only, no parts will be included).”

Final Thoughts

At No Middleman, we’re optimistic that this direct to consumer mountain bike brand will continue to bypass middlemen and pass value directly to customers in the form of low cost leadership as well as “premium value” pricing, while continuing their clear focus on product quality.

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