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How to Use this Site

Step 1: Search For Products (i.e. search “bikes”), or navigate thru the directory at the bottom of each page.

Step 2: Discover Amazing Direct To Consumer (“DTC”) Brands, vetted ones, offering what you’re looking for. We’ve done the homework for you, spending hours researching every brand on your behalf.. You’ll also see sub-categories (i.e. for a “bikes” search you’d see sub-categories like “bmx bikes” or “mountain bikes”) which you can click on to see what great DTC brands make those specifically. Click thru to find brand write-ups, contact info, videos, social media, etc.

Step 3: Buy Direct – click thru to the brand’s website and skip the middlemen (i.e. get what you pay for). We don’t sell anything and we take no piece of the transaction. We just freely connect—you go direct!

About The No Middleman Project

You SHOULD get what you pay for.

That’s what we believe.

We also understand that, for the most part, you don’t get what you pay for in today’s Internet connected, globalized economy. It’s sad. You should… but you don’t. We’re here to fix that.

Most people still believe, “You get what you pay for .” Most people believe if one item sells for $100 and another $200, the second one costs roughly twice as much to make. Businesses, marketers, and MBA-types know people still believe this. They laugh about it… and then use this common misconception to prey on them. This is a large part of why corporate profits are at an all time high today.

The problem is it’s a myth. Consumers no longer get what they pay for, and haven’t for a long time. The price consumers pay has very little to do with the quality of something or what it cost to make.

The cost of production is a smaller and smaller part of the retail equation every day. It’s common for consumers to pay 5-6 times production cost in offline retail. Today, it’s only marginally better online as powerful, monopolistic middleman like Amazon & Google are now taking near retail like margins of a growing majority of all online transactions.

The far more expensive part of the equation is getting a product to consumers – the people, the various offline layers of middleman, the land/rent, and the increasingly powerful, monopolistic-tending online middleman. This piece (with a little marketing whiz manipulation thrown in for good measure) is regularly 80% or more of the price you pay…

…unless you shop with direct to consumer ONLY brands.

Buy thru them and products are twice as nice, half the price, or sometimes both. While the revolution is just starting, this is why direct to consumer only brands are already taking major chunks of many major product categories.

We’re here to let you in on the secret, skip the middleman, and once again “get what you pay for.”

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