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Direct to consumer brand discovery is a leading directory of verified direct to consumer brands who have cut out the middleman to deliver substantially more value or lower prices—often up to 50% off traditional retail, or more! We don't sell anything and we take no piece of the transaction. We freely connect—you go direct!

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Why direct to consumer matters? The idea is simple: eliminate third party retailers, wholesalers, resellers, and all the middlemen who do little more than eat margins while clueless retail clerks deliver a terrible customer experience. Buy direct and get higher quality products at a much lower price.

The direct to consumer revolution is here.

Unparalleled Customer Experience

By selling direct, brands gain the massive advantage of having direct communication with their customers every day. They get valuable feedback and build loyal relationships through a superior customer experience. This enables efficient, direct communication between customers and the knowledgeable people who design, create, and service the products every day. This direct communication with the brand is invaluable when you are buying, and even more so if you ever have a problem.

Revolutionary Pricing

You're going straight to the source, my friend. No unnecessary middlemen means no unnecessary mark-up. Selling directly to consumer allows brands the freedom to offer revolutionary pricing in one of two ways:

  1. Create the absolute the best products at the same price as very ordinary retail products; or
  2. Create comparable products at a fraction of the going price (half price or less is common)
Absolutely No Compromises

In the traditional retail model—where products are sold indirectly through middlemen—every $1 of production costs normally leads to $5 (or more) being charged to consumers at the register. Most of that markup goes to middlemen. This inefficient model forces companies to make sacrifices in materials, quality, and service, in order to hit retail price points. But brands that sell direct to consumers—even if their products are sold at a fraction of the price—are able to invest in better materials and better service, and ultimately have more freedom to explore the needs of consumers.

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We're a brand discovery engine for a post-Amazon world. We believe the future of retail is direct to consumer commerce. Our goal is to facilitate the original promise of the Internet and to eliminate unnecessary middlemen in everything people buy.

Join the Revolution today!
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Stephan Aarstol


Retail sales worldwide totaled nearly $23 trillion in 2017, with e-commerce representing over $2 trillion of that. Unnecessary middlemen take a huge chunk of that $23 trillion. Eliminating them could save consumers trillions of dollars each year, or enable businesses to add trillions of dollars of value for the same prices.

Until now, the benefits of globalization have been enjoyed solely by large corporations, in the form of dramatically increased profits. We believe it's time for consumers to start enjoying the benefits of globalization. If consumers and businesses are connected directly, consumers' buying power has the potential to become twice as powerful. In turn, consumers can become empowered to spend less, work less, and enjoy their lives more.